Our Process

Phase Five: Construction

The construction phase is exciting because we can all watch as the plans and hard work are transferred from paper to reality. Even after the extensive time spent together during the pre-construction phases, there will still be occasional questions that arise or decisions that need to be made or changed. We greatly encourage homeowners to stay in constant contact with us, and we are always available to answer questions and clarify steps throughout the process - this is part of what sets Shoberg Homes apart from many other custom builders. Matt Shoberg, our company’s owner, will be your personal contact throughout the entire process, and we feel this is important to ensure your satisfaction.

The stages of construction normally include the following steps in this order, but may vary due to your particular project:
1)  Lot clearing and site preparation – We will meet to discuss any trees you wish to keep or clear, you’re visions of the grading, and your overall vision of the site.
2)  Excavation- This is the “dirty work” phase, cutting and filling your lot in order to accommodate your new home.
3)  Foundation – This step is when we form and pour the concrete foundation of your home. This also includes plumbing, electrical, water proofing, termite protection and prevention, drainage, and anchors for your framing.
4)  Framing – This is the most “visual” part so far! – Your home starts to take shape as we frame the structure that will eventually be your residence.
5)  Mechanical Rough – Plumbing and HVAC rough “behind the walls”
6)  Electrical Rough – After mechanicals, we will run the wiring in your home; we will set up a walk-through to go over positioning of recessed cans, light fixtures, switches and outlets as well as telephone, TV, security, etc.
7)  Mechanical, Framing, and Electrical inspection – Whether 3rd party or City, this is the time when inspections occur. Your home will be clean, organized and ready for a thorough inspection. Shoberg Homes is well known for our quick passes and excellent compliance.
8)  Insulation – There are several types of insulation available, which will be chosen during the contract phase; this is the time at which installation occurs.
9)  Roof- The roof will begin to be installed after the mechanical rough and will be completed before sheetrock in order to ensure no water infiltration. This is known as “Dried In”.
10) Sheetrock – Once insulation is in, the roof is on, and everything has been triple checked, we will hang sheetrock and begin to apply your choice of texture or plaster. You will be asked to approve a sample and be involved in the amount of texture applied.
11) Exterior Finishes – Around the time that we begin insulation, we will begin with your exterior finishes, paint, stone, stucco, etc. previously selected. By this time, everything will be in full swing and you will begin to see what your home will look like in elevation.
12) Hardwood Flooring – Once the sheetrock is in and finished, we will install the sand-and-finish or pre-finished hardwood flooring. We always run our hardwoods under the cabinets, and set our base on top of the flooring.
13) Cabinets, Trim & Doors –This is when the fine carpenters come in. They are masters of their trades and make sure that your finished cabinets and trim are immaculate.
14) Tile – once cabinets are in, we will install tile in the areas selected, usually, floors, backsplashes, showers and wet areas are typical.
15) Interior Paint – We will put up samples before painting any areas. Once approved, we will shut down the job to other trades for a short time and allow the painters to do their magic! This is an amazing process.
16) Flatwork – During or around the indoor painting phase, we typically like to pour your driveway, sidewalks, patios and areas not attached to the home. We will verify the layout with you and explore any options that may enhance the layout and design.
17) Set-outs – This is when plumbing fixtures and light fixtures, HVAC registers and returns are installed. It is exciting for most homeowners to see the installation of all the selections you have made up to this point!
18) Landscaping – Whether you are working with an outside firm or a Shoberg Homes preferred landscaper, this is typically the time that this install will take place.
19) Rough clean – Here, we rough clean the home to prepare for carpet installation.
20) Carpet – This is when we install your selected carpets.
21) Punch – During this time, we address any items that need attention. We adjust appliances, tighten knobs, adjust doors and drawers, do paint touch up, etc. Our goal is to complete all punch items before move-in.  Occasionally, due to the complexity of some of our homes, a few items may need to be addressed after move in. This will be handled by both parties signing a punch list at closing to be completed in an agreed-upon time frame.
22) Final clean & windows
23) Final Walk-Through with homeowner
24) Closing & Move-In – Congratulations!!!

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